Best Selling Printable Wallpaper

Best Selling Printable Wallpaper

Printable PVC EPT Wallpaper Wallpaper /EPT Non Woven Wallpaper / EPT EPT Wallpaper /EPT Solvent PVC Wallpaper/EPTLaEPT Prepasted Wallpaper/
Printable Wallpaper /EPT Wallpaper /EPT Solvent Wallpaper/EPTlaEPT Wallpaper/EPT EPT Wallpaper

EPT-solvent non woven Wallpaper for EPT Printer/ Wallcovering

EPT printing blank Do it yourself wall paper

on-woven wallpaer for EPT / EPT printingPVC vinyl wallpaper

1. Wallpaper for printing
two. FleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble and variable color, pattern
3. EPT environmental material
four. Utilization: EPT, commerce

. Functions:
Surface: EPT-solvent white pattern wallpaper

four. Apps:
non woven
EPT picture processing
Advertisement printing
EPTlation portray generating
PhXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.raphic studio making use of
It can be employed for decoration in private rooms, offices, hotels, marketplaces, and so on

Wallpaper ampWallcovering
Nonwoven-Paper ampPure Paper
Great Breath.Not Mildew.Non-defrmation.
Plant Fibre.Friendly to XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.n

Positive aspects
one) With setting security coating which can fast dry soon after printing and have excellent printing effect.
two) FleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble and variable shade, pattern, image as any of your character style created and manufactured on demand from customers.
three) Fine texture delivers higher good quality photos, vibrant shade right after EPT printing approach.
four) Exceptionally durable will not rip or wrinkle.
5) Cross compatibility with most printing systems.
6) Ink dries instantly with correct ink configurations optimised in accordance to ink, printer and software instructions, rip and profile.
7) Watertight and ideal for humid/outdoor apps.
8) Effortlessly used and simply removed with out leaving any residue.
9) Suitable for most huge structure thermal and EPT printers

Code No Description Assist ink Spection
Diy-001 Non-woven wall paper (Frequent ) Solvent ,EPT-Solvent*30M/one.1*50M
Do-it-yourself-002 Non-woven wall paper (Shinning Silver ) Solvent ,EPT-Solvent 1.1*30M
Do-it-yourself-003 MACROFIBER Wall Paper (Biological ink also can print ) Solvent ,EPT-Solvent*30M
Diy-004 All-natural Wall Paper (Organic ink also can print ) Solvent ,EPT-Solvent 1.1*30M
Do it yourself-005 Non woven wall paper (mottled grain ) Solvent ,EPT-Solvent*30M/one.1*50M
Do it yourself-006 Silk wall paper Solvent ,EPT-Solvent 1.07*30M
Do-it-yourself-007 Cloth wall paper (Basic weave ) Solvent ,EPT-Solvent .seven*30
Diy-008 Non-woven fabric wall paper (Mottled grain ) Solvent ,EPT-Solvent one.02*30M
Do it yourself-009 Non-woven material Wall paper (Straw grain ) Solvent ,EPT-Solvent 1.02*30m
Diy-571 Non-Woven cloth wall paper (silver) Solvent ,EPT-Solvent one.02*30m
Diy-011 Non-Woven cloth wall paper (Gold) Solvent ,EPT-Solvent 1.02*30m

Best Selling Printable Wallpaper

Best Selling Printable Wallpaper