Brevini Riduttori EM1155 Replacement Planetary Gearbox Reducer

Planetary gearboxes play a significant role in a variety of industries. They provide efficient power transmission in a compact form, making them ideal for applications requiring high torque at low speeds. Among the many planetary gearboxes available in the market, Brevini Riduttori EM1155 Replacement Planetary Gearbox Reducer stands out for its superior performance and reliability.

Unraveling the Features of Brevini Riduttori EM1155 Replacement Planetary Gearbox Reducer

What makes Brevini Riduttori EM1155 Replacement Planetary Gearbox Reducer a top choice for many industries are its remarkable features. Here’s an overview of its key features:

  • High Performance: It is designed to provide superior performance even under extreme conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: This gearbox requires minimal maintenance, which reduces the overall operational cost.
  • Excellent Torque-to-Weight Ratio: This ensures optimized performance.
  • High Load-Bearing Capacity: It is ideal for heavy-duty applications due to its high load-bearing capacity.
  • Compact Design: Its compact design allows for easy installation and use in tight spaces.

Selecting the Right Planetary Gearbox

Several factors must be considered when choosing a planetary gearbox. These include:

  • Power Requirement: The power that the gearbox needs to handle. This usually depends on the application that the gearbox is intended for.
  • Gear Ratio: This is the ratio of the speed of the input shaft (motor) to the output shaft. It is important to choose a gearbox with a gear ratio that suits the requirements of the application.
  • Speed Range: This refers to the range of speeds that the gearbox can handle.
  • Torque Requirement: The maximum torque that the gearbox needs to handle. Like power requirements, this depends on the application.
  • Environmental Conditions: The conditions under which the gearbox will operate such as temperature and humidity. Some gearboxes are designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Size and Installation Space: The physical space available for the gearbox. This is especially important for applications with limited space.
  • Safety and Protection Measures: The safety features and protection measures that the gearbox offers. This can include features like overload protection, thermal protection, and short circuit protection.

Common Applications of Planetary Gearbox

The Brevini Riduttori EM1155 Replacement Planetary Gearbox Reducer is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. It is commonly used in heavy-duty industries such as mining, construction, and industrial automation.

Maintenance and Replacement

Regular maintenance of the gearbox can extend its lifespan and ensure optimal performance. This includes regular lubrication, inspection for wear and tear, and timely replacement of worn-out parts. In terms of replacement, our range of planetary gearboxes can serve as a perfect replacement for Brevini Riduttori EM1155.

About Our Company

We are a professional manufacturer of planetary gearboxes. We specialize in producing slewing drive wheel drive, track drive, winch drive, and planetary gear reducers. Our gearboxes are used in various applications and we ensure the highest quality of our products using advanced production and inspection equipment such as CNC Gear grinding machine, gear measuring machine, cnc gear shaper, machine center, CMMS, Torque test system.

In addition to Brevini Riduttori, we also produce replacement products for other brands such as BOSCH REXROTH, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, ROSSI, and ZOLLERN. We are here to provide top-notch products and services to our customers.


Whether you are in mining, construction, or industrial automation, the Brevini Riduttori EM1155 Replacement Planetary Gearbox Reducer is an excellent choice. With high performance, low maintenance, and excellent torque-to-weight ratio, it is an ideal solution for all your heavy-duty applications. Choose us for superior quality and customer satisfaction.

Author: Miya