Carbon Black N220 N550 Used for Rubber Conveyor Belt

Carbon Black N220 N550 Used for Rubber Conveyor Belt

one.Description of carbon black powder:

Chemical Name: Carbon Black
Type:N220/N234/N326/N330/N339/N351/N375/N550/N660/White Carbon Black
Cas no:1333-86-4
Kind: black granule or powder
Method: wet or dry method
Large-amplifying conductive carbon black powder. Simply dispersed and provides a substantial level extrudability of rubber compounds. IncEPTs in the tread rubber of tires for passenger vehicles and vans. Provides enhanced put on resistance tires, high resistance to tensile, tolerable tear resistance. N 220 is recommended for use in the producing of conveyor belts and other rubber merchandise, which demand elevated toughness.

two.Straightforward Introduction

Carbon black N220 with large re-enforcement property is a extensively utilised furnace black. It has higher structure, and its abrasion is in between those of super abrasion furnace black and higher abrasion furnace black. Its iodine adsorption price is 121g/kg, and DBP adsorption is 114cm3/100g.
N220 Large resistance to abrasion and tearing. Comparatively low modulus and easier dispersion than N110 Reinforcing black for tyre treads. Large top quality EPT rubber goods and high score conveyer belts.

Carbon black N330 is the most extensively utilised high abrasion furnace black. Its iodine adsorption benefit is 82 g/kg, and DBP adsorption is 102cm3/100g. The abrasion of the N330 compounds is lower than ISAF compounds but much better than those of channel black-compounds.
N330 Brings together very good abrasion resistance with average hysteresis homes. Tyre betls, sidewalls. Sound tyres, roller covers, hose handles, hose addresses, EPT rubber goods Molded articles.


Items N220 N330 N550 N660
Iodine Absorption Variety g/kg 121 +/-5 82 +/-5 forty three +/-4 36 +/-4
DBP Absorption Number 10-5m3/Kg 114 +/-5 102 +/-five 121 +/-five 90 +/-5
DBP Absorption Variety of Compressed Sample ten-5m3/Kg ninety three~107 eighty one~ninety five eighty one~95 68~82
CTAB Area Area 103m2/Kg 106~116 seventy nine~87 38~forty six 31~39
Nitrogen Surface Region 103m2/Kg 114~124 seventy eight~88 38~46 30~forty
Tint Toughness a hundred and ten~one hundred twenty ninety eight~108
Heating Decline three. 2.five 2.five 1.5
Ash .5 .five .5 .five
Tensile Strength Map TM -.eight -1.5 -three.five -three.5
Extension% TM +10 -ten -ten +10
Map Modulus at three hundred% -2.5 +/-one.3 -1.7 +/-one.three -one.7 +/-one.three -three.five +/-1.3


1.Silicon Rubber: EPTroves silicon rubbers sturdiness, rebound fee, and anti-distortion efficiency.
2.Plastics Business: EPTroves plastic s tenacity, strength and prevents drinking water absorption.
three.Coating Market: Prevents agglomeration and drip. Thixotropic additives.
Boost denseness and smoothness of paint.
4.Drugs Sector: Enhance denseness ,floating , carrying purpose in medicine.
It also can be employed as the pesticide powder and anti-agglomeration.

5.EPT and delivery

1)20kg/25kg Packed by nontoXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c PE bag with woven bag outside the house or kraft paper bag.
two)in accordance to customer’s need

Shipping and delivery time:All around seven-ten daEPTafter confirming the order

Carbon Black N220 N550 Used for Rubber Conveyor Belt

Carbon Black N220 N550 Used for Rubber Conveyor Belt