Comer Industries PGA3502 Replacement Feed Mixer Planetary Gearbox Reducer

Introduction to Comer PGA3502 Planetary Gearbox Reducer

The Comer PGA3502 Planetary Gearbox Reducer is a top-tier upgrade for your feed mixer. It is recognized for its remarkable performance and multiple advantages:

1. Superior Efficiency

The Comer PGA3502 offers high efficiency and impressive torque output, ensuring smooth and robust operation of your feed mixer.

2. Robust Build

Constructed from top-quality materials, this gearbox reducer guarantees long-term durability and significant resistance to wear and tear.

3. Space-saving Design

Its compact design allows for easy installation and saves crucial machinery space.

4. Versatile Compatibility

The PGA3502 is adaptable with different feed mixer brands, making it a flexible choice for numerous applications.

5. Personalization

This gearbox reducer can be customized as per your specific needs, ensuring an ideal fit for your feed mixer.

The Role of Planetary Gearbox in Feed Mixers

Position and Function

The planetary gearbox is a fundamental part of a feed mixer. It is typically situated at the mixer’s center, where it regulates the speed and torque of the mixing operation. By controlling these variables, the planetary gearbox ensures optimal mixing efficiency and consistency.

Choosing the Right Planetary Gearbox for Your Feed Mixer

Selecting the appropriate planetary gearbox involves considering several factors:

– Power Requirement: The power required by the feed mixer to perform its functions efficiently.

– Gear Ratio: The relationship between the output and input speeds, which can affect the mixer’s performance.

– Shaft Specifications: The dimensions and types of the input and output shafts, including size, diameter, and connection type (e.g., keyway, threads, etc.).

– Torque Requirement: The amount of force needed to rotate the mixer’s shaft at a certain speed.

– Environmental Conditions: The working conditions of the feed mixer, such as humidity, temperature, and dust. Choose a gearbox with appropriate sealing and protection levels to withstand these conditions.

– Lifespan and Reliability: Consider the rated lifespan and reliability of the gearbox.

– Installation and Replacement: The ease of installing and replacing the gearbox.

Compatibility with Various Feed Mixer Brands

Our planetary gearbox is adaptable with numerous feed mixer brands, including Kuhn, Trioliet, Jaylor, Supreme International, Penta, Seko, NDEco, Patz, Roto-Mix, JF-Stoll, and more.

Replacing the Gearbox on Your Feed Mixer

Replacing the gearbox on your feed mixer is a simple process. Our Planetary gearbox is designed to match the installation dimensions of Comer Industries products, providing a seamless replacement solution.

Custom Gearbox Solutions

We offer custom gearbox solutions. To customize a gearbox, we need to know the following parameters:

– Power Requirement: The power needed to achieve the desired performance.

– Gear Ratio: The ratio between the input and output speeds.

– Speed Range: The range of speeds that the gearbox can handle.

– Torque Requirement: The amount of force that the gearbox needs to apply to the shaft to achieve the desired speed.

– Environmental Conditions: The operating conditions that the gearbox will face, like temperature, humidity, dust, etc.

– Size and Installation Space: The space available for the gearbox in your machinery.

– Safety and Protection Measures: The protective measures required to ensure the gearbox’s safe operation.

Get to Know Us

We are a professional manufacturer of planetary gearboxes. Our expertise lies in producing slew drive, track drive, winch drive, and planetary gear reducers. Our gearboxes find applications across various sectors and are built using advanced production and inspection equipment like CNC gear grinding machine, gear measuring machine, CNC gear shaper, machine center, CMMS, and a torque test system. Our focus on quality and innovation makes us a reliable partner for all your gearbox needs.

Replacement Solutions for Other Brands

In addition to our own products, we manufacture replacement products for other renowned brands such as Bonfiglioli, Brevini Riduttori, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, Zollern, Rossi, and more.


1. What is the efficiency of the Comer PGA3502 planetary gearbox Reducer?

The Comer PGA3502 offers high efficiency, facilitating smooth and powerful operation of your feed mixer.

2. Is the Comer PGA3502 durable?

Indeed, the Comer PGA3502 is made from top-quality materials, ensuring lasting durability.

3. Can the Comer PGA3502 be installed in any feed mixer?

The Comer PGA3502 is compatible with a wide variety of feed mixer brands.

4. Can the Comer PGA3502 be personalized?

Absolutely, the Comer PGA3502 can be tailored according to your specific needs.

5. Can you replace other brand gearboxes?

Indeed, we manufacture replacement products for other brands such as Bonfiglioli, Brevini Riduttori, comer INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, Zollern, Rossi, and more.

Author: Miya