Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening-Reduced Glutathione-Gsh

Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening-Reduced Glutathione-Gsh

1 periodSpec colonGlutathione commaVitamin C amp Collagen Booster ampoule
2 periodUsage colon1 vial lparGlutathione rpar plus2 ampoules lpar1 Vitamin C plus1 Collagen Booster ampoule rpar plus1 Glutathione Booster Capsule
three periodWarning colonShould not be used by pregnant or lactating ladies
4 periodStorge colonProtect from ligEPT and humidity periodStore in a cool dry area time period
five periodShelf existence colon 36 months
six periodDelivery time colon forty five daEPTafter obtaining the payment

ELE-GLUTA reg 100G

Complement Facts colon

Component Purity
Reduced glutathione one hundred percnt
Vitamin C 10 percnt
Collagen boosters 10 percnt
N-acetyl-L-cysteine 44 percnt
Alpha Lipoic Acid 33 percnt
L-Methionone 22 percnt
Vitamin E lparas d-alpha tocopheryl succinate rpar period1 percnt
Riboflavin lpar Vitamin B-2 rpar 1 percnt
Selenium lparas selenomethionine rpar period04 percnt

Usage colon
Glutathione commaVitamin C amp Collagen Booster ampoule colon
Serving dimensions colon1 vial plus2 ampoules
Servings per container colon6

Glutathione Booster Capsules colon
Serving measurement colon one capsule
Servings per container colon30

Instructions FOR ORAL USE colon
1 periodRemove metallic rim from vial
2 periodRemove rubber stopper from vial
three periodTransfer 5ml of sterile diluent solution from ampoule into the unstoppered vial with a sterile eyedropper
four periodRe-stopper the vial by reinserting the rubber stopper and shake until finally contents are fully dissolved period of time
five periodWith a sterile eyedropper commadraw up 1 quarter of the quantity to acquire a single stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd serving interval
6 periodInsert eyedropper into mouth commasqueeze commaand swallow the answer time period

one periodPlace remaining thumb on the primary human body of the ampoule cEPTred beneath the dot period of time
two periodPlace remaining index finger on the back of the ampoule operating horizontally aEPT the shoulEPTof the ampoule lparthe portion of the principal human body of the ampoule managing right below the neck rpar
three periodPlace rigEPT thumb directly previously mentioned the dot commain amongst the blue and yellow lines period of time
4 periodPlace rigEPT index finger directly operating aEPT the neck of the ampoule commasuch that the two inde fingers are running in the exact same direction and touching aspect to aspect period of time
five periodPush with the rigEPT thumb forming a lever aEPT the fulcrum created by the touching index fingers periodThe glass must crack aEPT neck in 1 clean crack with no shards time period

Protect from ligEPT and moisture periodStore in a awesome dry area period of time
ToXiHu (West Lake) colonNo recognized situation of toXiHu (West Lake) period
Hold out of reach of children period of time
Need to not be employed by pregnant or lactating girls period

Get in touch with Info colon

Miller colon Merchandise supervisor

Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening-Reduced Glutathione-Gsh

Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening-Reduced Glutathione-Gsh