High Purity Factory Supply CMC

High Purity Factory Supply CMC

one. Food Grade CMC

Kind Viscosity (mPa.s) PH Price Degree of Substitution Chloride (Cl-% Loss on EPT % Sieving Charge(%)(80 mesh)
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Min. Max. Min. Max.
DE9 a hundred and ten a hundred and forty four two 6.five 8.5 .ninety five / le1.two le9 le98.
DE9-1 550 1350 2 six.5 8.five .95 / le1.2 le9 le98.
DE9-two 1650 2250 two six.5 8.five .ninety five / le1.two le9 le98.
DE9 330 450 one six.five 8.five .95 / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEH9-one 660 900 one six. eight.five .ninety five / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEH9-two 1100 1350 one six. 8.five .ninety five / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEH9-3 1870 1980 1 six. eight.five .ninety five / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEH9-four 2200 2250 one six. 8.five .95 / le1.two le9 le98.
FVH9-five 2750 3150 1 6. eight.5 .95 / le1.two le9 le98.
DEH9-six 2850 4500 1 six. 8.five .95 / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEM6 1100 1800 one six.five 8.5 .95 / le1.2 le9 le98.
DEFH6 330 450 1 six.5 8.5 .95 / le1.two le9 le98.

Employed as additive in food area, CMChas the features of thckening, suspending, emulsifying, stabilizing, shaping, filming, bulking, anti-corresion, retainning freshness, acid-resisting, well being protcting, and so forth. It can substitute the application of guar gum, gelatin, aXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis., sodium alginate, and pectin, It is extensively utilised in present day foods industry, such as frozen foods, sound consume, fruit juice, jam, lactic acid drinks, condiment, biscuit, quick noodles, bakery merchandise, fulfill goods, and so forth.

Our meals quality CMC has great tickening home, water retention, dispersion steadiness, filming and chemical stability. It has high viscosity even in lower focus, and helps make the foods tatse delicate and sleek it can minimize the syneresis of meals and prolong the shelf existence, it can management the crystal sizein frozen meals and avert the stratification among oil and h2o in acid program, our anti/acid merchandise have good suspending security, so it can increase the security of milk and the impedance capacity of protein, our CMC can be employed jointly with other stabilizers and emulsifiers to complement each and every other, improve each and every other’s result and minimize and cost.


Kind Viscosity (mPa.s) PH Worth Diploma of Substitution Reduction on EPT %
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Min. Max. Min. Max.
DE9 330 450 1 6.five eight.5 .90 / le9
DEH9-1 660 900 1 6. eight.5 .ninety / le9
DE1002 330 450 one 6.five 8.five .98 / le9
DE1592 660 810 1 6.five 8.5 .ninety / le9
DE0492 440 810 2 six.5 8.5 .ninety / le9
DE1583 715 900 1 6.5 eight.5 .eighty / le9
DE1074 880 1170 one six.5 nine. .70 .8 le9
DE 0571 935 1800 2 six.five 8.five .90 / le9
DE 0571 1100 2700 2 six.5 10. / / le9
DE2081R 1980 2070 1 six. 8.five .eighty three .nine le9
DE3081R 2530 2700 1 six. 8.five .83 .9 le9
DEH7 990 / 1 6.five 9. .sixty eight / le9
DEH8 385 540 1 6.5 9. .eighty .nine le9
DEVH8 880 1170 1 6.5 nine. .seventy eight .nine le9
OM6 440 540 two 7. 10.five / / le9
C1215 1320 1350 1 6.five eight.5 .ninety / le9
P600 550 650 two / / / / /
P800 750 900 two / / / / /

CMC can be utilized in ceramic physique, glazing pulp, and decoration, Employed in ceramic body, it is a very good strengthening agent, which can improve the mouldability of mEPTand sand resources, support the shaping of the base and increase the folding strength of the environmentally friendly body. Employed in glazing pulp and decoration, it is a binEPTthat plaEPTa role of suspending, uncoagulating, and maintaining drinking water.

A. PoEPTnionic Cellulose (PAC)

Technical Technical specs of PAC for Drilling Fluid
Variety Viscosity (mPa.s) Filtration (ml) PH Value Diploma of Substitution Reduction on EPT % Puirity (%)
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Min. Max. Min. Max.
DEL9 110 a hundred and forty four 2 6.5 8.five .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEM9-one 550 1350 2 6.5 8.5 .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEM9-2 1650 2250 two 6.five eight.5 .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEH9 330 450 1 6.five 8.five .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEVH9-one 660 900 one six. eight.5 .95 / le9 le98.
DEVH9-2 1100 1350 one six. eight.5 .95 / le9 le98.
DEVH9-three 1870 1980 one six. 8.five .95 / le9 le98.
DEVH9-4 2200 2250 one six. eight.five .95 / le9 le98.
DEVH9-5 2750 3150 one 6. eight.five .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEVH9-six 2850 4500 one 6. 8.five .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEM6 1100 1800 one six.5 8.5 .ninety five / le9 le98.
DEFH6 330 450 one six.five 8.five .ninety five / le9 le98.

PAC amp CMC can be employed in drilling fluid, fiXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ng fluid and fracturing fluid. In drilling fluid, it performs as viscosifier, filtration EPT, and rheology controller in fiXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ng fluid, it is utilized to manage fluid viscosity, suspend weighty objects, and steer clear of fluid decline in fracturing fluid, it is utilized to carry stuffing and avoid fluid loss.

B. sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)

Complex Requirements of HV-CMC, LV-CMC
Requirements Efficiency Check
Products Indicators
In distilled water In salt drinking water In saturated water
Foundation Mud Filtration (ml) 60 plusmn10 sixty plusmn11 60 plusmn12
Obvious Viscosity (CPS) le6 le6 le6
PH Benefit 8. plusmn1. 8. plusmn1. seven.five plusmn1.
HV-CMC Yield of 15CPS (m3/t) ge160 ge130 ge140
LV-CMC Filtration: 10ml/h Addition (g/l) / le7. le10
Evident Viscosity (CPS) / ge4 le6
Remarks The overall performance examination of HV-CMC as per OCMA DFCP-seven techniques.
The performance take a look at of LV-CMC as for each OCMA DFCP-two techniques.

Technical Specifications of CMC-HVT, CMC-LVT
Type Viscometer dial reading through at 600r/min Filtration (ml)
In distilled drinking water In 40/L salt h2o In saturated salt h2o In Filtration (ml)
CMC-HVT ge30 ge30 ge30 le10
CMC-LVT le90 le10
Remarks Conforms to API Spec. 13A take a look at techniques

Technical Speifications of CMC for Fracturing Fluid
Kind Vicosity (mPa.s) PH Benefit Degree of Substitution Decline on EPT(%) Purity(%)
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Min. Max. Min. Max.
CMC9-5000 5000 6000 one six.5 nine .90 / le10 ge90
CMC9-6000 6000 7000 one six.5 nine .90 / le10 ge90
CMC9-7000 7000 8000 one six.5 9 .ninety / le10 ge90

4. PAPER Making Grade CMC

Variety Viscosity (mPa.s) pH Worth Degreee of Substitution Purity(%) Decline on EPT %
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Spindle No. Velocity (rpm) Min. Max. Min. Max.
DE-5 five ten 2 1 60 6. 8.five .sixty five .85 As for each customer’s needs ( ge95or ge98) le10
DE-ten 5000 7000 two 1 60 6. eight.five .sixty five .85 le10
DE-30 7000 / two one 60 six. eight.5 .65 .85 le10
DE-fifty 100 250 two one 60 six. 8.five .sixty five .eighty five le10
DE-200 5000 7000 2 2 60 6. eight.five .65 .85 le10
DE-600 two hundred four hundred 2 2 60 six. 8.five .65 .85 le10
PM three hundred 500 two two 60 6. 8.five .sixty five .eighty five le12
PAC-20 / 100 four two sixty six.five 8.five .8 .eighty five ge98 le8
DEX-5 33 ninety four one sixty six 8.5 .eight .nine ge98 le8
DEX-10 one hundred ten 180 four two 60 six eight.five .eight .9 ge98 le8
DEM8-1 550 1170 2 two or 3 60 six eight.five .7 .9 ge98 le8

In paper producing sector, CMC is utilized to make the paint for coated pater, as additive in damp-finish and sizing agent for surface area. We have diverse paper creating grades of CMC items to fulfill various customers’ needs.

five. MINING Grade CMC

Kind Viscosity (mPa.s) pH Value Degreee of Substitution Purity(%) Degree of Reduction on EPT %
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Min. Max. Min. Max.
DE16 one hundred 250 2 six. 10 yen0.70 .eight / le10
OH6 5000 7000 two 6. ten yen0.70 .8 / le10
OVH6 7000 / two six. 10 yen0.70 .eight / le10
DEV9 a hundred 250 two 6. 10 yen0.eighty five / / le10
DE9 5000 7000 2 6. ten yen0.85 / / le10
DE6-A 200 400 two 6. eight.5 yen0.70 .eight ge98 le10

CMC is employed in mining sector as pallet binEPTand floating assortment inhibitor. CMC is a element of the binEPTfor mineral dust shaping, and the binEPTis an indispensable component in pallet forming. It can boost the character of moist pellet. CMC is modifying agent in floating choice method, it is utilised as silicate XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.e inhibitor, managing the lead in copper and direct separating, sometimes, it is employed as dispersant for mineral mud.

6. OEPTER Grade

Complex Specifications of Other EPT Grade CMC
Type Viscosity (mPa.s) PH Value Degree of Subsftitution Reduction on Dring %
Min. Max. Soln.(%) Viscometer Min. Max. Min. Max.
DE6 300 800 two NDJ-seventy nine six 9 .6 .eighty five le10
DE6 800 1200 two NDJ-79 6 9 .6 .eighty five le10
DEC6 1200 / two NDJ-seventy nine 6 9 .65 .eighty five le10
DEC-S 1200 / 2 NDJ-79 6 8.5 .sixty five .eighty five le10

The Requirements Sheet for Sector Quality (utilised in textile, printing and dye, detergent, paint, toothpaste, pharmaceutical, glue and adhesive, welding, battery, development components, tobacco, mosquito-repellent incense. etc)

EPT amp Shipping

one.Paper Bag: 850*450*a hundred(mm) and 25kg internet

two.Carton: 570*380*220(mm) and 25kgs internet
three.Drum: 470*370(mm) and 25kgs web.
Special deal can be provided as per customers’ requirements.

OUR Company
HangZhou EPT Chemical Co., Ltd. Is a single major manufacturer EPTizes in production and product sales of CMC. Its goods handles a variety of meals additives, drilling fluids for Oil and Gas Wells, and EPT UEPTty Chemical compounds. The goods have been utilized by a lot of best businesses in China and United states, Russia, north Africa, and many others, earned reputations from our customers.

OUR Provider
Our Company is armed with sophisticated production equipment, automated assembly line and inspection/tests devices. The organization adheres to the business principle of quottechnology for deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment and top quality for eXiHu (West Lake) Dis.stence quot, and offers customers with high quality items and thoughtful service based on its many years of experience in R ampD, creation and management, great specialized power and the experienced top quality administration system

Our staff works with the consumers on their distinct demands and chemicals technical specs. We have substantial knowledge and expertise to deal with and execute all factors of xanthan gum. Our encounter guarantees the client with substantial top quality, value effective, prompt and specialist materials and providers.

one.What is actually your payment terms?
Generally T/T or LC.
two. What is actually your shipping time?
Normally our shipping time is 10 times.
3. How about the EPT?
We offer the EPT as twenty five kg / bag or carton with PE interior bag or other EPTs as your call for.
4.How about the validity of the goods?
In accordance to the goods you requested.
five.What is your provide ability?
Food grade xanthan:10000mt for every 12 months
Oil grade xanthan: 20000mt per yr
Sector quality and Pharm quality: 5000mt for each yr
6. What files you give?
Generally, we provide Commerical Bill, EPT Record, Invoice of loading, COA , Wellness certificate and First certificate. If your marketplaces have any EPT needs, enable us know.
7. What is loading port?
Normally is ZheEPTng or HangZhou.


High Purity Factory Supply CMC

High Purity Factory Supply CMC