PVC Resin for PVC Sandals, PVC Shoes, PVC Soles

PVC Resin for PVC Sandals, PVC Shoes, PVC Soles

PVC Resin for PVC SXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ls, PVC Shoes, PVC Soles

Merchandise easy introduction
PVC resin is the most extensively uncooked material used in plastic generation.It has excellent chemical security corrosion reslstance
and h2o resistance.It can be dissolved in acetone,este rand some alcoholic beverages.It can supply very good solubility.very good electrical insulation,and membrane forming potential.The PVC Resins are polymerized by suspension procedure,their appearance getting in white powderform.They are important resources for getting ready PVC compounds.By adding blending agents and nemploying distinct tactics,they can be madeinto rigid or non-rigid PVC merchandise and are giving in a broad selection of clear,translucent, and opaque colors.

Technical specs

Variety: SG1 SG2 SG3 SG4 SG5 SG6 SG7 SG8
K price seventy seven-seventy five seventy four-73 seventy two-71 70-sixty nine sixty eight-66 sixty five-sixty three 62-60 fifty nine-55
Viscosity, ml/g 156-a hundred and forty four 143-136 a hundred thirty five-127 126-119 118-107 106-96 ninety five-87 86-73
Common polymerization 1350-1250 1250-1150 1100-1000 950-850 950-850 750-650
Amount of impurity particle
30 30 30 30 30 30 40 40
Appearing density g/ml min .forty two .forty two .forty two .42 .42 .45 .forty five .forty five
Residual after sieve .25mm
mesh max
two. two. 2. 2. two. two. 2. 2.
.063mm min ninety ninety ninety ninety ninety ninety 90 ninety
Amount of grain/400cm2 max forty 40 40 forty forty forty forty forty
Plasticizer absorbency worth of
100g resin
25 25 25 22 19 16 14 14
Whiteness % min seventy four 74 seventy four seventy four 74 74 70 70
Residual chlorethylenecontent
mg/kg max
five 5 5 5 five 5 5 five
Ethylidene chloride mg/kg max 150 one hundred fifty one hundred fifty a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty 150 a hundred and fifty

It Is extensively Employed In The Creation Of Water Pipe, Chemical Pipe, Plastic Windows And Doorways,EPT Movie, Plastic Carpet, Plastic Ceiling, Sanitary Fitting, Leatheroid, Plastic Wallpaper Etc.

(1) PVC Delicate Goods.
It Can Be Made Of Hoses, Cables, Wires, Plastic SXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ls, Footwear, Slippers, Toys, Vehicle Areas And so on.

(two) PVC Film.
The Clear Film Can Be Employed For Greenhouses, Plastic Greenhouses And Plastic Film Mulch.It Can Also Be Employed For EPT Luggage, Raincoat, EPTble Fabric, Curtains, Inflatable ToEPTEtc.

(three) PVC Coated Goods.
Can Be Employed To Make Leather Baggage, Purses, Book Covers, Sofa And Car Seat,Etc. As WellAs Floor Masking, Flooring Resources For Structures.

(four) PVC Foam Items.
Can Be Utilised For Foam Slippers, SXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ls, Insoles, And Anti-Vibration Cushioning EPT Material, Rigid PVC Sheet And Profiles, It Is A EPT Creating Substance.

PVC Resin for Cable, PVC resin for movie, PVC resin for Pipes.

PVC Resin for PVC Sandals, PVC Shoes, PVC Soles

PVC Resin for PVC Sandals, PVC Shoes, PVC Soles