Shengyi FPC, Fr4 FPC, FPC Shengyi 18 25 Double Side Without Glue Material

Shengyi FPC, Fr4 FPC, FPC Shengyi 18 25 Double Side Without Glue Material

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Suntek FPC Capacity

Base Materials Polyimide (Kapton) ( PI )
Levels FleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble Printed Circuit(FPC) Board:1~10layers
Rigid-Flex Board:2~10layers
Merchandise thickness tolerance plusmn .03mm
Minimum Line Width/ Length among stitchings plusmn .05mm
Stiffener substance type PI / FR4 / PET / Steel piece
Etching tolerance plusmn .02mm
Minimum Hole Diameter .1mm
Gap tolerance PTH: /- .05mm
NPTH: /-.03mm
Define profile Punching , Laser reduce
Define Dimension tolerance plusmn .1mm
SolEPTmask shade Yellow,Black,white
Surface area treatment OSP: .two-.5um
ENIG: Au .03um – .15um
Immersion Tin:.five-1.5um
Immersion silver: .one-1.2um
Gold plating: Au one-150U”
Thermal shock test 288 plusmn five ordmC , 10S , 3times

Essential Specifications/Specific Characteristics — Rigid-Flex PCB:
PCB board layers Mass manufacturing:2-fifty eight layers/Pilot operate:sixty four layers
pcb Max.Thickness Mass manufacturing:394mil(10mm)/Pilot operate:seventeen.5mm
pcb Min.Width/Spacing Inner layer:3mil/3mil(HOZ),Outer layer:4mil/4mil(1OZ)
pcb Max Copper Thickness UL certificated: 6.0OZ/Pilot run: 12OZ
pcb board Min.Gap Size Mechanical drill:8mil(.2mm) Laser drill:3mil(.075mm)
Pcb Board Dimension Min 6mm*6mm, Max 400mm*500mm

EPTI PCB Boards include EPT and/or buried vias and often contain microvias of .006 or less in diameter. They have a higher circuitry density than conventional circuit boards.

Higher TG PCB:
The EPT TG plate is far more than one hundred thirty degrees, the substantial TG is EPTly increased than a hundred and seventy degrees, and the medium TG is more than 150 degrees.

High Frequency PCB:
RO4003C, RO4350B, Ro3003, Ro3571, and RT5880 and many others with frequency normally in the range from 500MHz to 2GHz, products are utilized to EPT devider,radar,satellite system, cellular phone reception foundation station and so on.

Carbon Ink PCB:
As carbon ink pcb has quite great resistance value that will help provide excellent conductivity. Carbon ink pcb is widely utilised in automotive submitted, health care electronics,interaction tools and so on.

Particular Materials PCB:
Rogers4350,Rogers4003,Arlon 25FR,25N for Ceramic PCB powEPTfilling, Rogers sequence, EPTconic series,Arlon collection,Nelco sequence ect for PTFE high frequency content.

Thick Copper PCB:
Make certain that there is enough thick copper plating in the hole to guarantee that the resistance is inside of the variety of the method specifications. 70% of the circuit board to complete the use of 35um of copper foil thickness, some will use 70um , 105um ,140um copper thickness and so on.

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Shengyi FPC, Fr4 FPC, FPC Shengyi 18 25 Double Side Without Glue Material

Shengyi FPC, Fr4 FPC, FPC Shengyi 18 25 Double Side Without Glue Material