Soda Ash Light Price

Soda Ash Light Price

Soda Ash LigEPT price

Item Soda Ash Dense Soda Ash Light
Index Index
Overall alkali(quality portion of Na2CO3 dry basis) ninety nine.2% min ninety nine.two% min
NaCI (good quality fraction of NaCI dry basis) .70% max .70% max
Fe top quality fraction(dry basis) .0035% max .0035% max
Sulfate(high quality portion of SO4 dry basis) .03% max .03% max
The water-quickly substance in a top quality portion .03% max .03% max
Accumulation density(g/ml) .90% min
Particle size, 180 micro m sieving residue 70.% min

True certain gravity 2.533 (twenty degC), bulk density .90min. Effortlessly soluble in drinking water, MaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum solubility at 35.four degC. The aqueous remedy appears robust alkalinity. On publicity to air it simply absorbs dampness, carbon dioXiHu (West Lake), and slowly types sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

one. The manufacture of glass is 1 of the most EPTant employs of sodium carbonate. When it is blended with silica (SiO2) and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and heated to extremely high temperatures, then cooled really rapidly, glass is produced. This kind of glass is identified as soda-lime glass.

2. Soda ash also is utilised to thoroughly clean the air and soften h2o.

three. Manufacture of Caustic Soda and dyestuffs

4. metallurgy (processing of steel and extraction of iron and so forth),

five. (flat glass, sanitary pottery)

6. nationwide defense (TNT producing, 60% gelatin-variety dynamite ) and some other factors, these kinds of as rock oil refining, paper production, paint, salt refining, softening of difficult h2o, soap, medicine, foods and so on.

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Soda Ash Light Price

Soda Ash Light Price