Walterscheid PTO shaft Size 2100, Lz 560, Profile with Lemon Profile

Introduction to PTO Shaft

The Walterscheid PTO (Power Take-Off) shaft is a key component used in vehicles and machinery to transfer power from the engine to an auxiliary component. Here are five significant characteristics of PTO shaft:

  • It has a size of 2100.
  • The length (Lz) is 560 mm.
  • It features a profile of 1 3/8″ with 6 splines.
  • The profile pair is marked as 00cH/0a.
  • It comes with a maximum speed of 1000 revolutions per minute.

Our PTO Shaft Production

Our PTO shafts are designed and manufactured to be a perfect replacement for Weasler PTO shafts. They are completely identical in dimensions and installation methods, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal performance.

Choosing the Right PTO Shaft

When selecting a PTO shaft, it’s crucial to consider several parameters:

  • Length: The distance from the drive to the receiving device.
  • Rated power: The amount of power the shaft can handle.
  • Shaft type and connection method: Different types of shafts and connection methods provide different levels of efficiency and compatibility.
  • Torque transmission capability: The amount of torque the shaft can transmit.
  • Environmental requirements: Considerations like protective covering, sealing performance, and durability.
  • Safety features: Devices like reliable anti-jamming devices, anti-jamming pins, etc.
  • Adaptability: The ability of the shaft to work with different machines and conditions.
  • Certification: Certifications like CE certification guarantee quality and safety.

Importance of CE Certification

CE certification is crucial for PTO shafts for several reasons:

  • It ensures that the PTO shaft complies with relevant regulations and standards in the European Union.
  • It is a necessary condition for selling PTO shafts in the European market.
  • It provides a reliable guarantee for the safety performance of the PTO shaft.
  • It conveys confidence in the quality and safety of the product.

PTO shaft certificate

Structure of PTO Shaft

The PTO shaft consists of several components, each made of high-quality materials for maximum durability and performance. These include the Housing, Drive Shaft, Universal Joint, Protective Cover, and Connectors. We also sell individual parts for those who need replacements.

PTO shaft structure

Applications of PTO Shaft

The PTO shaft has a wide range of applications:

  • Agricultural machinery: Commonly used to connect tractors and agricultural equipment.
  • Industrial equipment: Used to drive various rotating devices.
  • Transportation equipment: Used to drive certain transportation equipment.
  • Solar systems: Typically used to rotate and adjust photovoltaic panels on trackers.

Adjusting the Length of PTO Shaft

Adjusting the length of a PTO shaft involves several steps:

  • Remove the plastic protective cover.
  • Shorten the inner and outer tubes according to the required length.
  • Remove burrs with a file.
  • Shorten the inner and outer plastic tubes according to the required length.
  • Lubricate the inner tube and reinstall the drive shaft plastic protective cover.

PTO shaft shortening

About HZPT Group

HZPT Group is a leading name in the PTO Shaft market in China. We specialize in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of power output shafts, industrial universal shafts, and automotive drive shafts. Our products are highly reputed among customers in Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia, and North America. We support custom orders and OEM services, and we can laser print your logo. We are one of the top three professional OEM suppliers for numerous agricultural machinery factories and have obtained CE, TS/16949, and ISO 9001 certifications.

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Author: Miya