87252422 Support Shaft Fits For Case-IH Product Name:87252422 Support Shaft Fits For Case-IHSKU:CN6119Reference Code:Manufacturer: China Fidel GroupBrand:Weight:15.3KgFinishing:Nature ColorWhat It Fits:Case-IH®Sugar Cane Harvester:A7700, A8000, A8800,A8810,7000,7700

87252422 Support Shaft Fits for Case-IH

The 87252422 Support Shaft is a crucial part of the Case-IH Sugar Cane Harvester, contributing significantly to its robust and reliable performance. Made by China Fidel Group, this heavy-duty component is designed to perfectly fit the specified models of Case-IH harvesters. Weighing 15.3 Kg and featuring a natural color finish, it is the ideal replacement for your original support shaft.

Product Features


The 87252422 Support Shaft is constructed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty agricultural work, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

Precision Fit

Designed specifically for Case-IH Sugar Cane Harvesters, this support shaft guarantees a perfect fit for the mentioned models, ensuring seamless assembly and operation.

Quality Material

Made of superior quality materials, this support shaft guarantees resistance to wear and tear, thus enhancing its lifespan and ensuring optimal performance of your Case-IH Harvester.

Why Choose Our 87252422 Support Shaft?

Our 87252422 support shaft stands out for its superior features, including:

  1. Precision engineering for a perfect fit
  2. High-quality materials for durability and reliability
  3. Competitive pricing for cost-effectiveness
  4. Excellent customer service and technical support

Understanding the Structure of a Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger

1. Spiral Drill Bit

The spiral drill bit is the part of the post hole digger that does the actual digging. It drills into the ground, creating holes for posts or other purposes.

2. Post Hole Digger

This is the main body of the equipment, which houses the gear mechanism and the power source.

3. A Frame

The A-frame provides support and stability to the post hole digger. It also enables easy attachment to the tractor or other power source.

4. PTO Shaft

The PTO (Power Take-Off) shaft transfers power from the tractor or other power sources to the post hole digger, enabling it to operate.

Choosing the Right Gearbox for Your Post Hole Digger

Choosing the right gearbox for your post hole digger requires considering a number of factors:

  1. Power Requirements: The gearbox must be able to handle the power output of your tractor or other power source.
  2. Input/Output Speed Ratio: This determines the speed at which the post hole digger operates and must be compatible with your power source and intended use.
  3. Torque Requirements: The gearbox must be capable of handling the torque produced by the power source and the load of the post hole digger.
  4. Reduction Ratio: This relates to the overall performance and efficiency of the post hole digger. A higher reduction ratio allows for greater force and slower speed, while a lower ratio results in less force and higher speed.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Gearbox

Here are some signs that may indicate a need for a new gearbox:

  1. Increase in Noise: If your post hole digger is making more noise than usual, it may be a sign of damaged or worn-out gears in the gearbox.
  2. Oil Leaks: Leaks around the gearbox are usually a sign of a broken seal or gasket. This can lead to inadequate lubrication and potential damage to the gears.
  3. Decreased Performance: If your post hole digger is not performing as well as it used to, it could be due to a problem with the gearbox.

How to Replace a post hole digger gearbox

Follow these steps to replace your post hole digger gearbox:

  1. Shut off the post hole digger and disconnect the power source.
  2. Remove the old gearbox.
  3. Clean the work area.
  4. Install the new gearbox.
  5. Connect the drive system.
  6. Test and adjust as necessary.

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