Walterscheid PTO shaft – Size 2100, Lz 860 mm, 1 3/8″ 6 splines Profile

Walterscheid PTO Shaft: An Overview

The Walterscheid PTO shaft is a critical component for various machinery and agricultural equipment. This specific model boasts a size of 2100, Lz of 860mm, and a profile of 1 3/8″ 6 splines. Other features include its universal joint size A profile and B profile (both 22 x 54,8mm), an automatic push-pull lock, operating instructions included for ease of use, and a weight of 4.00kg.

Key Features of a PTO Shaft

Power Take-Off (PTO) shafts play a pivotal role in the functioning of machinery. Here are five key characteristics that set them apart:

  • Power Transfer: PTO shafts are designed to transfer the power from the engine to another piece of the equipment.
  • Versatility: They are used in various types of machinery, including agricultural and industrial equipment.
  • Customizable: PTO shafts can be customized to meet specific power and torque requirements.
  • Durable: They are designed for heavy-duty use and can withstand harsh working conditions.
  • Efficient: PTO shafts help enhance the overall efficiency of the machinery.

Our PTO Shaft: A Perfect Weasler Replacement

We produce PTO shafts that are fully compatible with Weasler sizes and installation methods. Our PTO shafts can perfectly replace Weasler components, providing a seamless transition and maintaining the efficiency of your machinery.

Selecting the Right PTO Shaft

Choosing the right PTO shaft involves considering several parameters:

  • Length: This is the distance between the transmission device and the receiving device.
  • Rated Power: The power that the PTO shaft can handle.
  • Shaft Type and Connection Method: The type of shaft and how it connects to the machinery.
  • Torque Transmission Capacity: The amount of torque the PTO shaft can transmit.
  • Environmental Requirements: These include the need for a protective cover, sealing performance, and durability.
  • Safety Features: Reliable anti-cardan devices, anti-card pins, etc.
  • Compatibility: The PTO shaft should be compatible with the machinery it is intended for.
  • Certifications: It’s important that the PTO shaft has relevant certifications, like CE.

Importance of CE Certification

Having a CE certification is crucial for PTO shafts for several reasons:

  • Compliance with EU Regulations: A CE certified PTO shaft complies with EU regulations and standards, ensuring its design, manufacture, and use meet the European market requirements.
  • Market Entry: CE certification is a prerequisite for selling PTO shafts in the European market.
  • Reliable Safety Performance: A CE certification provides a reliable guarantee of the PTO shaft’s safety performance.
  • Confidence: A CE certified PTO shaft instills confidence in the product’s quality and safety.

Our Certified PTO Shafts

Our PTO shafts come with CE, TS/16949, and ISO 9001 certifications, ensuring their quality, safety, and reliability. PTO shaft certificate

PTO Shaft Structure

A PTO shaft consists of several components, including the housing, drive shaft, universal joint, protective cover, and connectors. Each part is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and efficiency. We also sell individual parts. PTO shaft structure

Application of PTO Shafts

PTO shafts are used in various applications:

  • Agricultural Machinery: They are commonly used to connect tractors and agricultural equipment such as mowers, harvesters, straw crushers, sprayers, mixers, etc.
  • Industrial Equipment: PTO shafts drive rotating equipment like pumps, generators, centrifuges, mixers, etc.
  • Transportation Equipment: They are also used to drive certain transportation equipment like trailers, semi-trailers, and towing vehicles.
  • Solar Systems: PTO shafts are used to rotate and adjust tracker photovoltaic panels.

Adjusting the Length of a PTO Shaft

Adjusting the length of a PTO shaft involves the following steps:

  • Remove the plastic protective cover.
  • Shorten the inner and outer tubes to the required length.
  • Remove burrs with a file.
  • Shorten the inner and outer plastic tubes to the required length.
  • Oil the inner steel tube and reinstall the PTO shaft plastic protective cover.

Shortening PTO shaft

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