Comer Industries PG1004 Replacement Feed Mixer Planetary Gearbox Reducer: Ultimate Efficiency in Feed Mixing

The Comer Industries PG1004 Replacement Feed Mixer Planetary Gearbox Reducer is an essential component for optimizing your feed mixer. Its role is critical in ensuring efficient and consistent operation of the mixer. Let’s delve into the unique features, benefits, and technical aspects of this gearbox.

Key Features and Benefits of Comer PG1004 Planetary Gearbox Reducer

The Comer PG1004 Planetary Gearbox Reducer comes with a plethora of benefits:

  • Optimized Performance: Designed for top-notch efficiency, it ensures stable and consistent operation.
  • Long-lasting: Crafted with high-grade materials, the gearbox reducer is built to last, thus minimizing the need for regular replacements.
  • Space Saving: Despite its robust performance, it boasts a compact design, allowing for easy integration into various feed mixer models.
  • User-friendly Installation: The gearbox is designed for easy installation, reducing downtime during substitution.
  • High Torque-to-Weight Ratio: The gearbox reducer offers a high torque-to-weight ratio, ensuring superior performance without adding extra weight to the feed mixer.

The Role of a Planetary Gearbox in a Feed Mixer

At the center of a feed mixer, you’ll find the planetary gearbox. It links the motor to the mixing mechanism, converting the motor’s high-speed rotation into a manageable speed for the mixer. It also amplifies the torque for efficient mixing. Essentially, the planetary gearbox ensures the feed mixer operates at its best efficiency and efficacy.

Choosing the Right Planetary Gearbox for Your Feed Mixer

Selecting the appropriate planetary gearbox for your feed mixer requires consideration of several key factors:

  • Power Requirement: The power needed by your feed mixer to operate effectively.
  • Speed Ratio: The ratio of output speed to input speed which affects the mixer’s operation.
  • Torque Requirement: The torque needed for the mixer to handle the feed materials.
  • Input and Output Shaft Specifications: The size, diameter, and connection type (such as keyway, thread, etc.) of the shafts.
  • Environmental Requirements: The working conditions of the feed mixer, such as humidity, temperature, and dust. Choose a planetary gearbox with suitable sealing and protection levels.
  • Rated Lifespan and Reliability: The expected lifespan and reliability of the gearbox under normal operating conditions.
  • Installation and Replacement: The ease of installing and replacing the gearbox in the feed mixer.

The Comer PG1004 Replacement Feeder Mixer Planetary Gearbox Reducer is compatible with numerous renowned feed mixer brands like Kuhn, Trioliet, Jaylor, Supreme International, Penta, Seko, NDEco, Patz, Roto-Mix, JF-Stoll, among others.

Replacing a Gearbox on a Feed Mixer

Replacing a gearbox on a feed mixer involves a few steps, but the Comer PG1004 Planetary Gearbox is designed for easy installation. Its performance parameters are very close to those of Comer industries, making it an excellent substitute.

Customizing Your Planetary Gearbox

We offer bespoke gearbox services tailored to your specific needs. To customize your planetary gearbox, the following parameters are essential:

  • Power Requirement
  • Gear Ratio
  • Speed Range
  • Torque Requirement
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Size and Installation Space
  • Safety and Protection Measures

About Us: Your Reliable Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer

We are a professional manufacturer of planetary gearboxes, dedicated to delivering high-quality products tailored to your needs. Our expertise spans to various applications such as rotary drive wheel drive, caterpillar transmission winch drive, and planetary gear reducers. We have state-of-the-art production and inspection equipment, including CNC Gear grinding machine, gear measuring machine, CNC gear shaper, machine center, CMMS, and Torque test system, that enable us to uphold high standards of quality and precision. In addition to Comer Industries, we provide replacement products for other brands like bonfiglioli, Brevini riduttori, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, Zollern, Rossi, and more.


1. How frequently should the Planetary Gearbox be replaced?

The replacement interval depends on several factors such as usage intensity and maintenance practices. However, our Comer PG1004 gearbox is designed for durability, thus reducing the frequency of replacements.

2. Can this gearbox reducer be used with other feed mixer brands?

Absolutely, our Comer PG1004 Planetary Gearbox is compatible with a variety of well-known feed mixer brands.

3. Do you offer custom gearbox services?

Yes, we do. We offer bespoke gearbox services tailored to your specific needs.

4. Can the Comer PG1004 Planetary Gearbox withstand harsh environmental conditions?

Yes, our gearbox reducer is engineered to endure various environmental conditions.

5. Is the Comer PG1004 Planetary Gearbox easy to install?

Certainly, our comer PG1004 planetary gearbox is designed for effortless installation, minimizing downtime during replacement.

Author: Miya