An Overview of the Comer PG704 Replacement Feeder Mixer Planetary Gearbox Reducer

The Comer PG704 Replacement Feeder Mixer planetary gearbox Reducer is an exceptional product designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of feed mixers. It offers a range of advantages that set it apart from other products in the market.

Key Features of the Comer PG704 Replacement Feeder Mixer Planetary Gearbox Reducer

The Comer PG704 Replacement Feeder Mixer Planetary Gearbox Reducer stands out in the market due to five key features:

  • Superior Torque Output: This gearbox guarantees exceptional torque output, leading to peak performance of the feeder mixer.
  • Unmatched Efficiency: The unique design of the gearbox ensures superior efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption.
  • Compact Structure: Its small-scale design makes it easy to install and replace in confined spaces.
  • Enhanced Durability: Made from top-quality materials, the gearbox is highly durable and reliable, promising smooth operations over an extended period.
  • Customizability: The gearbox can be tailored to meet specific needs, making it highly flexible and adaptable.

Role and Location of Planetary Gearbox in a Feed Mixer

The planetary gearbox, usually located at the bottom of the feed mixer, serves as the heart of the machine. It controls the speed of the mixing auger, ensuring a thorough mix of all ingredients. Furthermore, it transfers power from the motor to the auger, enabling efficient operation of the feed mixer.

Selecting the Ideal Planetary Gearbox for Your Feed Mixer

Choosing the right planetary gearbox for your feed mixer involves several considerations. These include:

  • Power Requirements: The power required for the gearbox will depend on the specific application.
  • Gear Ratio: The output shaft’s speed and torque are determined by the gearbox’s gear ratio.
  • Input and Output Shaft Specifications: The size, diameter, and connection type (like keyway, threads, etc.) of the input and output shafts are crucial.
  • Torque Requirements: The torque needed for your application will determine the appropriate gearbox.
  • Environmental Conditions: Factors such as humidity, temperature, dust, etc., in the feed mixer’s working environment should be considered when choosing a gearbox with suitable sealing and protection levels.
  • Rated Life and Reliability: The expected lifespan and reliability of the gearbox are also important factors.
  • Installation and Replacement: The ease with which the gearbox can be installed and replaced should also be taken into account.

Compatibility with Renowned Feed Mixer Brands

Our planetary gearbox is compatible with various renowned feed mixer brands such as Kuhn, Trioliet, Jaylor, Supreme International, Penta, Seko, NDEco, Patz, Roto-Mix, and JF-Stoll.

Instructions for Replacing the Gearbox on Your Feed Mixer

Replacing the gearbox on your feed mixer is a straightforward process. Our Planetary gearbox is designed to align perfectly with the installation dimensions of Comer Industries, ensuring a seamless fit. The performance parameters of our gearbox closely match those of Comer, making it an excellent substitute.

About Our Company

We are a reputable manufacturer of planetary gearboxes. Our expertise extends to rotary drive wheel drive, crawler drive winch drive, and planetary gear reducers. Our gearboxes are used in various applications, and we have several advanced production inspection equipment such as CNC Gear grinding machine, gear measuring machine, cnc gear shaper, machine center, CMMS, and Torque test system.

Replacement Products for Other Brands

We also manufacture replacement products for other brands like Bonfiglioli, Brevini Riduttori, COMER INDUSTRIES, REGGIANA RIDUTTORI, Zollern, and Rossi.


  1. What is the power requirement for the comer PG704 Replacement Feeder Mixer Planetary Gearbox Reducer? The power requirement is dependent on the specific application. Please reach out to us with your requirements for precise information.
  2. What is this gearbox’s gear ratio? The gearbox boasts a high gear ratio, ensuring your feed mixer operates efficiently. Please reach out to us for more details.
  3. Is this gearbox compatible with other feed mixer brands? Yes, our gearbox is compatible with a variety of feed mixer brands, including Kuhn, Trioliet, and many others.
  4. Is this gearbox easy to install? Yes, our gearbox’s compact design allows for easy installation.
  5. Can I order a custom gearbox based on my requirements? Yes, we offer customized gearbox solutions. Please provide us with your specific parameters for customization.

Author: Miya