Stand up Zipper Pouch for Tigernut Powder

Stand up Zipper Pouch for Tigernut Powder

Who We are?–we are the foremost manufacturing facility who offer to most most significant EPT meals and dairy chemical businesses.

XiHu (West Lake) (West Lake) Dis. EPT is one of the top EPT pouch suppliers in the market.

Currently we provide our pouches to No.1 EPT nut amp snack provider, Top every day chemical products provider, and also other pet food suppliers.

The glue we use are from Japan Mitsui group, United states of america Dow Chemical Company and so on. All of the raw materials staEPTtop good quality.

We also give customization servise, on symbol, layout, shape, measurement and many others.

We are the couple of provider who has online automaticlly examining EPT which can check the priting quality.

We consider satisfaction in almost everything we create. Although our industry has altered immensely more than time, there are some items that remain continuous this kind of as our focus to element, the quality of our merchandise and our treatment for individuals who use our merchandise

Distinct Styles of Pouches We Can Create.

Product Data
Item Plastic Pouches
Substance PET/VMPET/PE, PET/LLDPE, Kraft Paper/PE, Kraft Paper/PET/PE etc.
Attribute Meals Grade, High Barrier, Dampness Evidence, Robust Sealing, Best Printing.
Fashion Options Stand Up, Block Base, Facet Gusseted, Center Seal, K Bottom Seal, Flat Pouch, and so forth.
Accessory Obtainable Zipper, Tear Notch, Window,One particular way Valve, Hang Hole, and so on.
Capability one/two lb, lb, 2lb, 5lb or custom.
2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 8oz, 11oz, 16oz, 32oz, 64oz, 106oz, 128oz or customized.
28g,70g,100g,150g,200g,250g,340g,500g,1000g,1kg,2kg,3kg,5kg or customized.
Measurement ampThickness Custom made Based mostly On Your Prerequisite.
Colors CMYK/Pantone, Gravure printing (up to 10 colors)
Ink variety EPT-welcoming Food StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd Soy Ink
Surface area Managing Matt, Tremendous Matt or Shiny Ending, Gold Blocking
Software: Coffee Bean,Espresso Powder,Floor Espresso,Tea, Snack, Nut, Whey Protein, Pet Foods, and so forth.
Samples Totally free Inventory Samples Provided
Certificates BRC/SGS/ISO22000, and so on
Good quality Control: Innovative products and skilled qc crew will verify content, semi-concluded and finished merchandise strictly in every action before delivery.

Test Reviews–We preserve testing all batches of orEPTwith very own laboratory before loading items,
We often cooperate with Crediable laboratory or company like SGS on examining merchandise quality to make sure we give the prime good quality goods.
In addition, market place supervision also spot verify our products regular monthly.

Our Laboratory

Verify What Material Is Suggest For Your Items
Different Composite Material Incorporate-on Operate
Remarks P:Very poor F:Truthful G: Very good E: Outstanding

No. Content
Dampness Barrier Oxygen Barrier Oil Barrier Fro
Chemical Barrier Aroma Barrier Trans
LigEPT Barrier Puncture resistance Application
one PET/AL
E E G G G G P E G Flexible for diffent
foodstuff items,rice goods,
snacks,deep fried
G P F P F F E P P Instant,confectionery
and other treats
three BOPP
G P G G G F G P G Quick noodles,
frozon dim sum,snacks
powdered merchandise
and chocolate
G F G P F G G P F Versatile for various
foods products,
rice merchandise,snacks
five PET
G G G G G E P E G Adaptable for various
food merchandise,
rice items,
treats,soup mixes,
deep fried goods,
E G G P F G P G F Adaptable for distinct
soup mixes,
deep fried goods,
G G G P F E P E F Dry foodstuff goods,
deep fried merchandise,
e.g.potato chips,
fried noole,coffee
G G G G G E P E G Flexible for different
food products,
rice items,
fried products,tea
G G G P F E G P F Adaptable for diverse
foodstuff products,rice
deep fried merchandise,
G G G P F E G P F Mooncakes,cakes,
meat and tea
G G G G F E F P F items with higher
mositure content,
sauces,condiments amp cheese, mooncakes
12 KNY
G E G E G E F P G Mooncakes,cheese,
cakes,nuts,processed meat,tea,noodles
thirteen PET
F F F P F E P G F E.g.potato chips,
tea,noodles ect…
fourteen PET
G G G P F E P E F Chocolate,
scEPTd items,
noodles,tea,soup mixes
fifteen PET
G G G G G E P E G Functional for different
foor products,
soup mixes,scEPTd
goods ect…
sixteen MATOPP
E E G G G E P E F Adaptable for diverse
foodstuff goods,
soup mixes,matte end
F F E P F F P F F Frozen foods items,
snacks,soup mixes,
deep fried items,tea
F F G E G F P F G Adaptable for diverse foods items,noodles,
snacks,deep fried
items,tea,soup mixes
G G G E G F P F G Versatile for distinct
food goods,rice goods,treats,deep fried products,tea,soup mixes
G G G P F G P G F Adaptable for various
foodstuff goods,
rice goods,treats,
soup mixes,deep fried products,e.g.potato chips
G G G G G E P E G Adaptable for dofferent
meals products,snacks,
deep fried products,
tea,soup mixes,
chocolate,dim sum.
22 MATOPP/NON-WOVEN F P F F G F P F G Aprons,table protect,
23 NY/LLDPE F F G E E G G P E Liquid goods,frozen
food items,pet food items,curry,
high acidic goods
24 NY/PE/CMPS F F G E E G G P G Lidding film for jelly,
tofu,cup cover movie
twenty five NY/RCPP F F E E G G G P G Cup protect film,
bean curd,seal go over
26 NY
G E G E E E P E G Liquid goods,frozen
foodstuff,pet food,curry,
scEPTd merchandise
27 OPP
P P F F F F G P F Cake warp,ice bar,
28 PAPER/PE F P G G G F P G G Biscuits,dried seaweed
and ligEPT items
29 PE/PE G P G E E F G P E Hanburger,ham
and processed meat,
heavy obligation products
30 PET
E E E P F G P E F Rice bag,products
with humidity material,
soup mixes
E E E G G E G P G Very clear reort,rice noodles,
soup,refried bean
32 PET
E E E G G E P E F Concentrated soup merchandise,espresso,curry,
33 PET
E E E G G E P E G Retort pouch,shelf stable,tuna,rice,sauces,
34 PET
G G G G G G G P E Sauces,weighty obligation
items,pet meals,
vacuum pounches
35 PET
G G G G G E F F G Retort,soups,sauces,
36 PET
E F G E G E P F G Tea,confectionries,
Cakes,nuts,pet meals,flour
37 PET
G F G G G E G P G Yogurt,instantaneous noodles,frozen dim sum,treats,powdered merchandise,chocolate
38 PET
G G G P F G P G F Dry food products,deepfried items,e.g.potato chips,nuts and items
39 PVC
F F F F F F G P P EPTmper cap wraps,cosmetics
and bath place items
forty PET/
F F F F F F G P P Confectioneries
forty one VMOPP G G G G G F P E F Items wraps,desserts,snacks
For reference Only:Material Barrier Houses

EPT and Transport
Pouches will be packed in a plastic bag to avoid dust and moist.
Plastic bag will be location in a paper bag prior to shipping.
Customization EPT and transport will also be available.


Q:Are you a factory or a investing company?
A: We are factory.

Q:What is the delivery time?

A: EPTly, the lead time is eighteen-twenty five daEPTfor new orders and fifteen-20 daEPTfor repeated orders from the confirmation date.

Q:What’s your item range?

A:Our manufacturing unit can make most sorts of fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble EPT, incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. pet meals bag, foodstuff bag, stand up bag/pouch, zipper bag, spout bag,back seal bag/pouch, film roll and so on. Get in touch with me for the very best pouches!

Q: Sample Service.
A: Yes, we can provide samples ahead of you area buy.

Q: Customer Reference.
A: Presently we source our pouches to No.1 EPT nut amp snack supplier, Top day-to-day chemical products provider, and also other pet meals companies.Request individually and I will explain to you who they are.

Q:What information is essential to get a quotation for a merchandise?

A:Merchandise substance/bag framework, thickness, sizes, artwork/style, bag design, amount, and any other EPT requirements should be supplied with as considerably depth as feasible for a far more exact quotation.

Q: Where does your factory situated?
A: We are found in HangZhou ZhEPTng province. Two several hours driving from ZheEPTng XiHu (West Lake) (West Lake) Dis. Airport amp one particular and half hour from HangZhou XiHu (West Lake) Dis.aoshan airport. We welcome you to pay a visit to us. Timetable an appointment and we will choose you up at the airport.

Stand up Zipper Pouch for Tigernut Powder

Stand up Zipper Pouch for Tigernut Powder